(1) I agree that I have understood the information about the program, its features and the fee payable

(2) I confirm that I am eligible and competent for the program applied for

(3) I have clearly understood the features, learning outcome, mode of delivery, assessment if any and

certificate to be awarded for the program applied for

(4) I have understood the details of fee and tax payable


Manipal Global will grant registration within 7 to 10 working days after

verifying the completeness of the application form and will acknowledge the fee paid through e-mail, letter

or sms or any other medium it deems fit. Any discrepancy or aberration will be suitably notified in the said

time limit. Completing the registration process will not automatically make you eligible for the program.

Manipal Global at its discretion may reject any registration with or without assigning any reason.


In case of Online Program your online access credentials will be informed by e-mail or sms or any other

mode within 72 hours of registration confirmation. For Blended Program schedule of delivery will be

provided to your e-mail address, our counsellors will get in touch with you suitably


Manipal Global from time to time will offer programs across disciplines through various modes.

Manipal Global has all rights to continue or discontinue a program with or without assigning any reason.

Further, Manipal Global may modify these terms & conditions from time to time, including the fees

charged for training services and certification. Modification of service may include changes not limited to

but including changes in the course content, course outline, assessments, quizzes, presentations,

discussions, blogs created, etc.


Basis the above terms and conditions, I understand and accept the below responsibilities:

(1) Lawful use of service

(2) Program for which I have registered is strictly for private use, I will not circulate any part or full

content of this program without Manipal Global's written permission

(3) Update contact details like phone number, e-mail address and address for communication in

case of any changes to what was filled in the application form


(1) A student can withdraw from a program enrolled any time before the commencement of the batch for

Blended program OR from an ONLINE program enrolled any time before he is been issued a

Registration Number. In such case MaGE, will refund complete program fee (including service tax).

However, will not refund any bank / transaction charges or DD commission or any other charge over &

above for making payment towards the program fee

(2) Case where MaGE has taken enrolment of students however for any reason defaults in batch starting

date or unable to start the batch or withdraws a program or unable to enrol in ONLINE program. In such

case MaGE will refund complete program fee (including service tax) plus any bank / transaction charges

(3) If a student requests to withdraw or discontinue from a program enrolled after the

commencement of the batch for Blended program or issue of Registration Number in case of

ONLINE Program. In such case MaGE will NOT refund any fee whatsoever or adjust the fee to any

other program or Transfer to another batch later for the same program